Although almost all of Himachal Pradesh is famous for tourism, but there are some places which have not received the credit and encouragement from tourism which they deserve. One such place is Barot located in the Chautar valley of Mandi. A beautiful place surrounded by dense forests of Baroot pine, located just 66 kilometers away from Mandi, located on the Chandigarh-Manali highway. The picturesque attraction of tourists Barot is a wonderful place for picnics, trekking and hill-wrighting, fishing activities such as fishing. Over the last few years, Barot has emerged from the surface of tourism rapidly. Here is the reservoir of Jogindranagar hydroelectricity house located. Barot is the main site of Chauhar Valley.
Two reservoirs of the hydroelectric project of Shanan on the Uhal River in Barot are located. Here is the trout breeding center. Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the other side of Uhal river where animals and birds are found in Ghoral, Himalayan black bear, Cheetah, eagle, monkey, musk deer, wild cat, Nilgai, Kakar, pheasant etc. Every year hundreds of tourists from Punjab and Haryana come to visit nearby states.
Another important place is Jogindranagar electric house. There is a power-driven transport car which is a small, fast rocky face which passes through the reservoir at an altitude of 2600 meters. It is a very exciting experience Due to being a small town, there are many amenities here, but locals provide clean and comfortable facilities in their temporary accommodation.

Barot trout fish

Major places and attractions of Chauhar Valley and Barot

  • Dev Peshakot Temple¬†– This temple is about 1 km, near Tikkan bridge.¬†Dev is the chief god of Pashakot Chowar valley.¬†People came to the god for worshiping, asking for help, counseling and solving local problems here.¬†They come here to thank and celebrate a picnic.¬†The temple has four beautiful scenery.¬†A small stream flows nearby¬†Very delightful and exciting place.¬†
  • Ancient Temple¬†– The ancient temple of Dev Pashakot is in Devgadha village.¬†Tikkon goes to the road only here¬†Built in pagoda style of temple construction, this temple is located in a beautiful place.¬†Last year, a new temple with a cost of Rs 65 lakh has been constructed.
  • Loharadi and Chota Bhangal¬†– An ancient Sundar village named Loharadi is located in the small Bhangal of Kangra district.¬†Small Bhangal is counted in remote and inaccessible areas of Himachal Pradesh.¬†This valley is also called ‘Small Kashmir’.¬†The people of this valley have unique culture, traditions, cuisine and costume.¬†The traditions and costumes here with the rest of Kangra do not match.This variation makes this valley unique.
  • Reservoir¬†¬†Reservoir¬†– Reservoir made for water for Shan power house located in Joginder Nagar¬†Here is photography is illegal (but not mobile phones;))¬†There is also a railway track which was created by the British, it is still there.
  • Haulage Way Trolley¬†– The Haulage Way System – The Haulage Way System, which is the only system in the world, is the Haulage Way System.¬†After the “buffer stop” at the height of 4150 feet, there are several stops in this freeway passage system.¬†The vinch-camp is 4 km away from the base site.¬†This place is full of natural beauty and is very exciting and here tourists and adventure lovers come to enjoy picnics and ice all year round.
  • Kothi Kohad, Nalotha, Bargarh¬†– These very beautiful villages fall in small bridges.¬†The lush green fields, pastures and small villages of Barabasa attract the mind. Dahanasar – There is a beautiful lake at 14000 feet (4150 meters) high which is known as the holy lake dahnasar.¬†The journey of this place begins in the months of August and September.¬†It is believed that Hanuman stayed here and ended the witch.

How to reach

Road connectivity:
Delhi – Chandigarh – Bilaspur – Mandi – Dudasani – Barot (about 500 km)
Pathankot – Palampur – Joginder Nagar – Dudasani – Barot (approx. 206 km)

Rail links:
Delhi – Pathankot (480 kms) – Joginder Nagar (153 kms Narrow-gauge)
By Barot (35km) road to Joginder Nagar, downhill.

By Airplane:

Bhuntar Airport of Kullu, 127 km from Barot is.¬†Kangra’s Gaggle Airport 90 KM is

(Pathankot-Mandi is on the highway from Joginder Nagar near Joginder to the road to Barot)

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